Welcome to Eladriell's Elephant M.U.D site!

Here I have compiled a collection of knowledge from & for the players of Elephant MUD including details on Equipment, Classes & Races as well as all kinds of general Information. While you won't find any details on Quests here (because some things really should be discovered through play) nearly everything else of use is!

Please consider checking out the Elephant webpage & Facebook group! The FB group is a very efficient way to contact other Players, see whats happening like MudMeets & take part in polls, whilst the main website for Elephant contains details on how to get started playing here (or to return in case you're a forgetful pensioner now who cant remember how TelNet works...).

Remember, send suggestions & kit updates to, & PayPal donations to the same if you feel kind & want to help fund the coffee it takes to do this!

Top Donator: King Blitzkrieg Silversnow of Valena.

Latest News

Last MudMeet saw Larnen presented with a nice LARP claymore on behalf of both the Fighter Guild & all Donators to this site! Apparently his demon-spawn delight in attacking things with it, so huzzah! The near-arrest misadventures of Eladriell & Nasty carrying that around London for a day are available for a pint!

Older & unchecked items have a "?" after their Skill requirement & are at the bottom of their respective pages in order to remind me that the requirement is currently uncertain. Any help Determining or Loreing these items is appreciated!

This is the re-uploaded version/site due to drama-llama crap from the previous one's creator, thankfully now inactive except when copying this one.

Thanks should of course go to the other Players who have provided contributions, pages & work over the years such as Grom, Lum, Bolen, Fayhra, Swifteye, Grima etc.

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